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About us

Our hotel is located in the heart of Ulcinj only 500 m from the Small Beach. It has opened its doors in May,2006. Hotel Dulcigno is a modern building. In its vicinity, there are banks, supermarkets, beauty salons, jewelry shops, and others needed for modern tourism.

As part of our hotel, there is the restaurant-bar "Plaza" at the Small Beach, only 10 m from the sea. From the early morning hours until late in the evening you can stay there and enjoy the beautiful environment with a view of the sea and the Old Town. You will feel relaxed and comfortable both in winter and in summer.


There are no strangers

only friends you have not met yet

Welcome to the small City Hotel „Dolcino“

a perfect place to start your Ulcinj adventure.


Hafiz Ali Ulqinaku
Ulcinj, MOntenegro

Phone: +382 30 422 288
Fax: +382 30 402 321
Mob.: +382 69 032 804

Email: dolcino@t-com.me
Web site: www.hoteldolcino.com